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J. Graves is passionate dance-punk. Tense relationship rock, sanguine lyricism, guitar music, chord changes that sound like secret longing, a rhythm section that thuds, skitters, and melts over the determined voice of Jessa Graves. The heat of the cataclysm gives off a vapor known to galvanize meatspace into writhing, dancing heaps, creating rabid, loyal fans. 


Unapologetically raw newcomers Egg Drop Soup are injecting some adrenaline (and much needed feminism) into the flaccid veins of today’s music scene. The punk trio’s massive sound has got the fire we all need to get us off our asses and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The group formed in late 2017 after bass player and lead vocalist Samantha (Sammy/Sam) Westervelt came up with the name - a euphemism for menstruation - and was joined by guitarist Olivia Saperstein and drummer Greg Settino.

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Slice of life lyrics strung together with emo guitars and mid-’90s girl grunge sigh, Van Mary hearkens back to the days of Mazzy Star and Juliana Hatfield. Fuzz-drenched tunes like “Dead” showcase sharp songwriting instincts with equal doses of angst, vulnerability, and honesty.

Van Mary’s new single, “New Mexico,” growls with discontent over political policies, societal dogmas, and gender inequality across a thumping indie rock stomp and moody guitar work. Vocalist Emily Whetstone’s aggressive yet earnest tone sells the strife, making every line hit home. 

-Bill Tucker

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